The Clever Choice


For foundries with big ambitions

The DISAMATIC C3 is a vertical, greensand moulding system capable of producing a wide range of grey iron, ductile iron and other metal castings in various sizes. The basic equipment includes the moulding machine and the automatic mould conveyor system.

The DISAMATIC C3 benefits from the knowledge, expertise and technology gained from DISA’s high-performance D-lines, applied to a lower price point, but without compromising on quality.
This means maximum performance for minimum investment, and a high ROI over a long service life, even if capacity is not always fully utilised. It’s the clever choice for lower-volume foundries with big ambitions.

The DISAMATIC C3 is available globally in three speed versions: C3-150, C3-250 and C3-350.

Quality that pays

DISA is renowned for engineering and design quality that ensures:
  • high uptime
  • less scrap and lower finishing costs
  • higher profitability over a longer service life
  • safe, easy and clean operation (CE and ISO 14001 compliant)

Design that pays

The new DISAMATIC C3 is designed to deliver a competitive advantage and fast payback for small and medium-sized foundries.
It does this by enabling a step change in capacity, productivity, automation and quality through:

  • up to 350 uncored moulds per hour and/or up to 300 cored moulds per hour
  • high-pressure double-sided squeeze for high-density mould consistency
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • lower capital investment
  • service concept to ensure optimum equipment lifetime

Support that pays

DISA offers worldwide support of the DISAMATIC C3 to help maximise foundry performance at all times, thanks to:

  • fast delivery of original spare parts
  • on-site technical support from offices close to you
  • 24-hour support hotline
  • DISA TOPS, DISA’s exclusive customer inspection, service and maintenance programme



101 - 200 moulds per hour


The DISAMATIC C3-150 is offering up to 150 uncored moulds per hour.

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201 - 300 moulds per hour


The DISAMATIC C3-250 is offering up to 250 uncored moulds per hour.

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301 - 400 moulds per hour


The DISAMATIC C3-350 is offering up to 350 uncored moulds per hour.

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