Flexible to meet the needs of jobbing, small and medium-size foundries

Now Every Foundry Can Be a DISA Foundry

DISAMATIC C3 moulding machines are compact vertical machines for foundries producing high quality castings at a lower cost per kg. Designed to deliver maximum capacity for minimum investment, the DISAMATIC C3 has the power and precision to increase your competitive edge, ensuring high Return On Investment (ROI) over a long service life, even in cases where capacity is not always fully utilised. The DISAMATIC C3 is the perfect machine for foundries wanting to minimise the number of required operators and looking for a cost effective moulding solution.

Design that pays

It is generally known today that jolt squeeze and manual made moulds have a rather soft mould surface and high casting mismatch. The DISAMATIC C3 makes the “well known” hard surface DISA mould quality. The hard and precise mould will give you high quality precise surface castings.The DISAMATIC C3 is designed specifically for small and medium-size foundries that need:

  • High pressure double-sided squeeze for high-density mould consistency
  • Straightforward operation and maintenance
  • Lower capital investment
  • Shorter payback time
  • Easy maintenance
  • Perfect entry capacity
  • Quieter operation - for a more comfortable working environment


The DISAMATIC C3 range incorporates many leading technological benefits:

  • All components and equipment are manufactured according to ISO 14001 environmental management certification 
  • Abides to health, safety and operational efficiency demands compliant to CE safety standards
  • Save time and eliminate human error with process automation using Siemens PLC with pre-programming from the operator touchscreen console
  • Maximise energy efficiency and minimise oil-cooling requirements with variable Rexroth hydraulic pump system
  • Production efficiency is maximised with advanced optional features such as the Quick Pattern Change Unit and Automatic Core setter
  • Low scrap rate due to high quality castings with a maximum mismatch of 0.25 mm



101 - 200 moulds per hour


The DISAMATIC C3-150 is offering up to 150 uncored moulds per hour.

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201 - 300 moulds per hour


The DISAMATIC C3-250 is offering up to 250 uncored moulds per hour.

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301 - 400 moulds per hour


The DISAMATIC C3-350 is offering up to 350 uncored moulds per hour.

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