DISA Remote Monitoring Services

– ensure uptime with predictive maintenance

DISA RMS provides quality assurance that you can rely on

Unscheduled downtime is expensive and increases cost per casting. It can also cause incomplete or delayed deliveries. Lack of delivery to your customers will undoubtedly cost customer satisfaction. 

The DISA Remote Monitoring Services (RMS) ensures that foundries can cut downtime risk to an absolute minimum by providing remote access to the DISA moulding line. The RMS is performed by DISA experts who will see and act on the early warning signs.

The process control system of your DISA moulding line registers process data on a frequent basis while the machine is running. Irregularities in this process data can provide an early warning of an imminent problem.

It can be difficult to catch the warning signs without the ability to store this information and examine process data over a period of time. Our experience in remote monitoring of DISA moulding lines ensures our customers the opportunity of having these early warning signs.

Monitoring Process

The DISA RMS consists of a computer that is connected to the DISA moulding line process control system and links via a secure data connection to the RMS Centre at DISA. DISA RMS is recommended as a complement to DISA TOPS.

Since the installation of DISA RMS we now have an inside-out view on all of our three DISA machines; this is contributing to increasing the efficiency of our maintenance wich results in a more smooth daily production with less unplanned downtime.

Bernd H. Williams-boock, CEO - Ortrander Eisenhütte GmbH

Early warning and regular reporting

Using proprietary software developed by DISA, the computer records an array of DISA moulding line process parameters on a running basis. The data is stored on the computer and accessed at regular intervals by a DISA specialist who is familiar with the specifications of your moulding line and your foundry applications. He will contact you immediately about any critical issues as well as any erroneous machine behaviour.

You also receive a monthly performance report based on the machine checklist.

Traceability and documentation

The data recorded by the DISA RMS comprises a record of operations when your DISA moulding line is running, thus providing important process traceability information in the event of castings quality issues as well as documentation of reliability for your customers.

What you need

DISA RMS supports all DISA moulding lines, with an internet connection via your local area network or a dedicated line.

Rapid installation

The hardware is preconfigured to ensure rapid “Plug & Play” installation. A DISA service technician performs the installation while your DISA moulding line is running and runs a final check to make sure everything is working the way it should.

Top-level security

The connection between the DISA moulding line and the DISA RMS Centre is protected by Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology that encrypts all data in both directions. The VPN system is maintained by the manufacturer of the VPN hardware, maximising compatibility and reducing the risk of security flaws.

RMS agreement

The RMS agreement is valid and running until anything else is decided between the customer and DISA. At any time the customer can decide to include additional moulding lines in the RMS contract.


Our production monitoring improved shortly after the RMS was installed on our DISA 2013 Mk5 and that resulted in increased manufacturing output. The RMS is also making our maintenance tasks considerably easier.

Mario Mauro, General Manager, Isando Foundry - South Africa. A Plant of ZF Auto Industrial (Pty) Ltd.