Foundry Optimisation

DISA’s service professionals identify areas of wear and are proactive in their recommendations to be sure the machine is in top condition. It is good to have their experience to lead and train our operators and maintenance personnel so that we are able to operate and maintain the equipment properly day after day.

Al White, Engineer Mueller Co., Albertville, USA

Foundry technology is constantly evolving, making new solutions available for new needs. Foundry technology is also vital to foundry profitability. Optimizing quality, eliminating scrap, maximizing yield, reducing energy consumption and cutting back costs are all essentials that depend on the technology employed.

Our Foundry Optimization department works closely with our Research and Development Department to ensure that the latest advances become available to our customers upon request. Close dialogue and partnership with our customers means that we are the first to spot new opportunities that can enhance foundry performance and provide superior return on investment.

What we can offer you

  • Customer Optimization Programme
  • Standard and customized courses conducted at customers’ site
    • Application training
    • Operators’ training
    • Maintenance training
    • Transition training
  • Advanced courses for existing customers
  • Start-up service
  • Problem solving
  • Pattern plate layouts
  • Foundry audit/benchmarking
  • Foundry technology process documentation

DISA Foundry Optimization department consists of highly specialized and skilled foundry experts. In close cooperation with our customers DISA Foundry Optimization will assess any foundry challenges. Based on thorough analyses and inspections will result in a detailed report which clearly underlines any recommendations leading to increased efficiency, reduced scrap, minimized downtime – everything resulting in the lowest possible costs per casting.

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