DISA is Shaping Homes and Kitchens

DISA's vertical, flask, matchplate and jolt squeeze moulding machines ensure optimum casting quality at the lowest cost for parts such as:

  • boilers, burners, compressor crankshafts, compressor housings, covers, grates, grills, pans, pots, plates, sinks and stoves

Stoves from Jøtul, Norway

We have been able to achieve a steady 410 moulds/hour in the production of castings with a wall thickness between 3 and 6 mm with a perfect surface quality. The accuracy of the DISA 270-A also means a reduction of grinding costs by more than 20% and a scrap percentage of 2% or less. 

Jostein Lunde, Production Manager, Jøtul Foundry, Norway Equipment: DISA 270-A

A selection of castings made on DISA Moulding Equipment

Dovre in Belgium

Invests 3 million Euros in new moulding lines from DISA

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Le Creuset

A company that knows what's cooking

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LODGE Cast Iron

“The advantage is that it makes twice as many castings as the old machine.”