Introducing DISA

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World-class engineering

DISA is driven by an unwavering focus on leading the foundry industry for the benefit and satisfaction of its customers. Throughout its long history in moulding technology, DISA has continuously developed and brought high-quality innovative solutions to market. DISA's machines have more up-time, lower maintenance costs and a higher degree of automation when compared to alternative offers.

DISA has a broad moulding product portfolio, comprising of vertical (DISAMATIC®), match plate (DISA MATCH) and horizontal (DISA FLEX) green sand moulding systems. Additionally, DISA provides complete, integrated foundry lines for a wide variety of customers – lines which, in addition to the moulding technology platforms, include complete sand plants, conveyor systems, cooling drums, cleaning solutions and CIM modules.

Founded on innovation DISA continuously seeks to engineer change, build sustainability, lead technology, and shape industry.

Large global footprint

DISA develops and manufactures a complete range of metal casting production solutions for the ferrous and non-ferrous foundry industries. A long-standing tradition of innovation and accumulating knowledge from all over the world has consolidated DISA’s global footprint and made the company a preferred partner that enjoys the trust and loyalty of foundries worldwide.  In parallel to DISA's strong global presence under the Norican Group banner – with 2,700 employees in 50 countries on 5 continents and a customer base of more than 10,000 companies in 100 countries – DISA also has strong Danish roots - remaining committed to a 200-year tradition of Danish engineering and world-class expertise.

World-class engineering is what DISA delivers for foundries of all sizes who seek to expand their operations – whether their expansion is happening in the Americas, Europe, India, China, The Middle East or Russia, wherever they are in the world we will support them.

You may not be aware, but you'll be exposed to everyday items made using DISA technology – whether it is the brake discs on your car or high-quality kitchenware to make your evening meal.

Every foundry can be a DISA foundry

The choice of moulding technology generally comes down to size and geometrical complexity of the part to be created versus the desired production volume. Vertical moulding production is predominately suited for high volume and high precision castings.

The DISA vertical moulding offer is the best in the industry, and a second-to-none customer base of 1,450+ installations worldwide demonstrates that DISA remains the partner of choice for foundries throughout the world, since the introduction of the DISAMATIC® in 1964.

Matchplate moulding machines compete on accelerated time-to-market. They are typically the preferred option for foundries desiring more flexibility, emphasizing quick changeover cycles to serve a very broad customer base on a make-to-order basis. In response to an increasing need in the market, DISA developed the flaskless DISA MATCH technology in 2000. 

Horizontal moulding machines tend to be the technology of choice for lower volume and larger castings. Foundries using horizontal technology often produce large, heavy and geometrically complex parts on relatively low volume requirements, and in 2004, DISA introduced the FLEX flask line to meet the needs of this critical market segment. 

It is, however, no secret that DISA is traditionally known for making solutions available to foundries requiring both very high capacity and very high speed. However, a number of new product launches of affordable and accessible vertical moulding machines has proved a turning point for a number of small floor moulding foundries worldwide, and today, the DISAMATIC® innovations are available to foundries of every size, every where in the world, addressing the challenges and pain points of small and midsized foundries head-on. 

Bringing new ideas to the market

DISA continues to deliver superior value and competitive advantages to its customers, and its structured and disciplined R&D programme allows DISA to continue to reinforce its technical pre-eminence as the global leader within its field.

Bringing new ideas to the market, DISA understands that one size does not necessarily fit all and provide tailor-made solutions for foundries that make the technology transfer from manual to automated processes. Some of the DISA highlights and customer references include: 

• 97 current and active patent filings
• 2,200 installed moulding machines.

DISA’s history as innovator and trend-spotter is confirmed by the continuous new developments brought to market in the shape of high-quality foundry solutions that have more up-time, lower maintenance costs and a higher degree of automation when compared to alternative offers. The proof points are: 

1900 Formation of the company
1961 Patent for vertical moulding machine
1964 First DISAMATIC 2011 sold
1972 Introduction of DISAMATIC 2032
1974 Introduction of PLC to replace mechanical controls
1977 Introduction of double sided mould squeeze (2070 Mk1)
1986 First DISAMATIC 2110 sold
1989 Introduction of 2013 Mk5 
1992 DISA low pressure aluminium process developed
1994 Introduction of DISAMATIC 2070 Mk2
1994 First DISA SAM Mixer 
1996 Introduction of DISA CIM modules
1999 First new generation DISA 230 sold
2000 Introduction of DISA match plate
2001 First DISAMATIC 2013 Mk5-X
2001 Introduction of DISA 240 
2002 Introduction of DISA 250 
2003 Introduction of DISA 280, world's largest vertical moulding machine
2004 Introduction DISA 270
2004 Introduction of FLEX 70 flask line
2004 Introduction of TOPS service and maintenance agreement program
2005 First DISA 130 medium capacity moulding machine sold
2005 Introduction of remote diagnostics for online troubleshooting
2007 First DISA 231 sold
2008 Introduction of DISA FLEX 80
2008 Introduction of DISA MATCH 28/32 & 32/32
2008 DISA COOL 4300
2009 Introduction of DISA 030
2010 Introduction of DISA MATCH 24/28
2011 First DISA RMS 
2011 Introduction of DISA 280-C
2011 Introduction of DISA FLEX 70 HS
2012 Introduction of DISA MATCH 20/24
2012 First DISA line with double index sold
2015 Introduction of DISAMATIC D3
2015 Introduction of DISAMATIC D1
2015 Introduction of DISA FLEX 90
2015 Introduction of DISA Foundry Cockpit for DISAMATIC D3
2015 Automatic Filter Setter (AFS) for DISAMATIC D3
2015 DISA COOL 3600
2016 Introduction of DISAMATIC C3
2017 Introduction of DISA Foundry Cockpit for Complete Foundry.

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