DISA Sand Multi Controller (SMC)

Sand quality is the key to mould quality and thus the key to high performance production of quality castings.

Designed for use with high-capacity mixers, the DISA SMC regulates and monitors the process in the sand mixer and ensures that the characteristics of the prepared moulding sand remain within a constant range.

DISA Sand Multi Controller (SMC)

Key Benefits

Improved sand quality

Precise water addition

Reduced cycle times

Automatically adapts to sand conditions


  • Up to 99 different recipes and 3 different sand types content
  • Online monitoring and control with Siemens S7 PLC
  • Automatic bad batch rejection


  • Compact independent unit ready for easy installation
  • Compatible with most types of high-capacity mixers

How it works

The SMC measures compactability and sand strength from a 50 mm test sand sample extracted from the mixer. Water is added to the mix based on the compactability measurements.

From the sand strength measurements, the bentonite requirements are calculated and can be adjusted in small increments in following batches towards a target sand strength.

As options, the SMC can include measurements of return sand temperature and moisture before the mixer. This is particularly relevant for low moisture contents, or for return moisture contents and sand temperatures with large variations.

Water addition

Water is added in two stages:

  • Pre-water in the beginning of the mixing cycle
  • Trim-water after measurement of compactability

If the moisture sensor option is included, then up to 100% pre-water can be added.

Automatic water addition via compactability: The SMC automatically takes and samples from the mixer, measures compactability and sand strength and determines the necessary amount of water. The SMC automatically adapts itself to the sand conditions.

Automatic water addition via motor current (back-up system): If the SMC is not functioning, water can be automatically added in the mixer according to the mixer motor current using the back-up water addition programme