DISA TM Turbine Mixer

The DISA TM Turbine Mixer delivers unbeatable reliability, precision, durability and cost-efficient operation.

Robust design, precision engineering and quality components combine with the latest process control technology to make the DISA TM superior in every way.


Key Benefits

Efficient and economic operation

High casting quality

Low maintenance requirement

Environmentally friendly operation


  • Economic and precise mixing system
  • Precision dosing and weighing
  • Pneumatic bond injection - the flexible solution


  • Full integration into any sand circulation system using the intelligent control system
  • Easy access to all wear parts for quick replacement
  • Environmentally friendly operation with no dust leakage or loss of fines

Economic and precise mixing system

The mixing tools rotate continuously during loading with pre-batched material. The large double “S”-shaped mixing ploughs and the high-capacity blenders (one or two depending upon mixer size), which are mounted from above, rotate in opposite directions, while the mixing pan and guide ploughs remain stationary. This combination guarantees fast, highly intensive preparation as well as perfect homogenization of the moulding sand.

  • Exceptionally economic operation due to high throughput rate and improved energy efficiency
  • Exceptional castings quality due to homogeneous and fluffy moulding sand of consistently high quality
  • High throughput rate and short mixing cycles due to intensive mixing

Precision dosing and weighing

Precise amounts of used sand and additives are dosed simultaneously into the mixer through a single opening. Pre-mixing is achieved with immediate radial injection of water through the mixer wall into the material flow, thus eliminating the dry mix stage. This unique mixing technology enables exceptional preparation efficiency with shorter cycle times. If the mixer is equipped with a Sand Controller the water is automatically dosed to give a pre-selected compactability.

  • Optimum sand properties due to automatic moisture level control and controlled material feed
  • Radial water injection into the sand batch prevents granulate formation, thus providing an improved casting surface
  • High process efficiency and low bentonite requirement

Pneumatic bond injection – the flexible solution

The Bond Injection System is an alternative to the addition of bond and sand from the top of the mixer. The batch of additives is first weighed separately in a weigh hopper and then discharged into a pneumatic sender. From here the material is blown into the batch of used sand in the mixer through a flexible hose. This technique enables more flexible location of additive hoppers and reduces the formation of dust and associated fines which are lost to the extraction system.

  • Flexible solution with small footprint, excellent for example in confined spaces or complex installations
  • Direct injection of additives into the sand improves mixing efficiency and sand quality
  • Reduces the formation of dust, thus reducing the amount of additives lost into the dust extraction system