DISAMATIC 270 and 280

Big castings, big performance

Flexible and efficient large casting production with high speed, high volume and high quality.

For foundries that are still producing larger castings, such as engine blocks, pipe fittings, fire hydrants, large pumps and manhole covers, on big flask lines, the DISAMATIC 270 and 280 range offers the opportunity to step up productivity and casting quality and make large moulds faster than ever before.


DISAMATIC 270 & 280


401 - 450 moulds per hour

Key Benefits

High speed of up to 450 moulds/hour

Mould sizes of up to 1050 mm by 1200 mm and a thickness of up to 675 mm

Small footprint, minimal manpower

Advanced PLC system optimising all functions and movements

About DISAMATIC large machines

The DISAMATIC 270 and 280 is a range of vertical green sand moulding lines for large castings (with mould sizes of up to 1050 mm by 1200 mm and a thickness of up to 675 mm).

Their rigid design assures higher dimensional tolerances for optimal large mould accuracy, reducing or even eliminating the need for finishing work. Variable mould thickness also delivers lower sand consumption and a constant metal-to-sand ratio.

With a small footprint and easily run by a single operator, all four models enable sustainable, energy-efficient operation at speeds between 210 and 450 uncored moulds per hour.

Available globally in two sizes, the DISAMATIC 270 and 280 deliver the ultimate in moulding performance for large castings.

Supports that pays

DISA offers worldwide support of the DISAMATIC 270 and 280 to help maximise foundry performance at all times, thanks to:

  • fast delivery of original spare parts
  • on-site technical support from offices close to you 
  • 24-hour support hotline
  • DISA TOPS, DISA's exclusive customer inspection, service and maintenance programme
  • application and training experts on demand

Big casting production - supercharged

The highest speed

The DISAMATIC 270 and 280 range harnesses advanced DISA moulding technology to deliver ultimate vertical mould performance: efficient hydraulic and pneumatic operation,  rapid sand filling, double-side squeeze, enhanced rigidity – all coordinated by a sophisticated process control system.

With time-saving options like the Automatic Pattern Changer (APC), the Automatic Core Feeder (ACF) and Double Index System (DIS), the DISAMATIC 270 and 280 machines combine highly flexible production with outright speed.

The bottom line? Up to 450 large uncored moulds an hour, every hour.

Maximum uptime

Lower loads on bearings and moving parts increase plant lifetime and significantly reduce the need for servicing. Improved accessibility makes maintenance much easier too. Pre-set production parameters support fast and reliable pattern changes so there’s no need to slow the moulding line.

Total process control with threshold alarms plus on-screen messaging and instructions dramatically reduce stoppages while DISA Global Services and DISA TOPS – DISA’s exclusive customer inspection, service and maintenance programme – offer the industry’s finest aftermarket support.

Together, they deliver class-leading uptime, with DISAMATIC 270 and 280 machines still performing like new decades after installation.


Fastest time to value

Where horizontal moulding technology takes up space and ties up manpower, is slower and has a higher cost per casting, vertical moulding offers high-quality, higher-speed casting production together with a modern, safe working environment.  The DISAMATIC 240-280 range was designed to save foundries time and money, right from day one:

  • compact architecture requires minimum floor space and foundation work
  • pre-tested machine for fast installation and trouble-free start-up
  • easy integration with existing sand and melting systems
  • simple single-person operation

By minimising capital investment and operating cost, DISAMATIC 270 and 280 moulding lines help increase your foundry’s profitability in the production of large castings.

The best engineering

DISA brings over half a century of vertical moulding expertise and development to the DISAMATIC 270 and 280 range. With subsystem rigidity up to double that of previous models, its optimised mechanical design reduces machine-dependent mismatch very close to zero.

Integrated operation with perfect synchronisation between DISA moulding line units further supports mould integrity.

With optimum mould quality and minimum mould tear, casting finishing is reduced to an absolute minimum – and often eliminated entirely.

Features and options for the DISAMATIC large range of moulding equipment

DISAMATIC moulding machines include an array of performance enhancing options for superior mould production quality and efficiency.

Automatic Core Setting (CSE)

The Core Setter inserts cores automatically in the rear face of the new mould, eliminating bottlenecks and maximising line speed. A light curtain guard gives operators easy, fast and safe access to insert cores in the core mask.

Pattern Change unit (QPC/PPC)

The Pattern Changer’s rapid, semi-automatic action makes pattern changes easier, faster and more precise, even with the heaviest patterns. Regardless of the operator’s skills and routine, it cuts pattern changing times and minimises errors.

Automatic Pattern Change unit (APC)

The fully automatic APC enhances small batch production flexibility, changing a set of pattern plates with a maximum cycle time extension of less than 60 seconds.

Mould Conveyor (AMC/PMC)

The mould conveyor moves the mould string from the moulding machine through the pouring, solidifying and cooling zones. Highprecision transport and full synchronisation ensures no mould shifting, distortion or displacement.

Sand Spillage Conveyor (SSC)

The SSC collects and conveys spillage sand under the mould conveyor and Synchronised Belt Conveyor, reducing material loss and cutting dust formation.

Shuttle for foundries with limited space

The standard DISA SHUTTLE configuration features two or three SBCs running side by side. This gives the option of reducing the total length of the main cooling line and at the same time occupying minimum floor space. The DISA SHUTTLE almost triples inmould cooling time as and when required.

Double Index System (DIS)

DISA’s patented Double Index System lets you transport, then pour two moulds simultaneously on a DISA vertical machine for higher yield and casting quality.

Synchronised Belt Conveyor (SBC)

Used to extend cooling time, the SBC is available in 2m modules. Powered by and synchronised with the mould conveyor drive mechanism, it ensures steady transport of the entire mould string without mould gaps or deformation.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing modules (CIM)

CIM modules collect, store and distribute process information along the entire moulding line. They support real-time monitoring and reporting, helping you improve foundry production process efficiency and quality.

Dependable, fast and profitable

Big performance

No-one else supports high-end vertical moulding like DISA. DISAMATIC 270 and 280 machines:

  • are the fastest on the market - up to 450 uncored moulds per hour
  • change patterns rapidly
  • can produce the large moulds with ease
  • come with a wide range of performance enhancing options

Big quality

DISA’s renowned engineering and design quality gives you:

  • double-sided mould squeeze operation and adaptive mould thickness for consistent and dense moulds, lower scrap and minimum finishing
  • superior uptime due to fewer moving parts, more rigid design and reduced maintenance
  • CIM monitoring and reporting for optimum efficiency and quality
  • safe, easy and clean operation, maintenance and troubleshooting

Big profit

The DISAMATIC 270 and 280 range delivers breathtakingly fast large moulding performance with maximum ROI:

  • minimal machine-related mismatch means less scrap, reduced finishing, lower production costs and higher earnings
  • minimal labour requirements, low sand and power consumption
  • higher profitability during a longer service life
  • small footprint offers fast, low cost installation with minimum foundation work
  • The DISAMATIC 270 and 280 range helps foundries lower their cost per casting, reduce turnaround time, increase margins and future-proof their casting production.

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