Efficient and dependable performance delivered by DISA


Founded in 1896, Lodge Cast Iron in Pittsburgh is the last cast iron cookware manufacturer still operating in the US. They use state-of-the-art DISA molding systems to ensure highest quality and efficient production of their skillets, griddles and pans.

Company Profile

For more than a hundred years, Lodge Manufacturing Company has been producing some of the highest quality cookware found anywhere in the world. From skillets to griddles to dutch-ovens and more. Lodge has developed the reputation for excellence that it lives up to time after time. Lodge was founded in 1896 by the current owner’s great grandfather.

Challenges, Solution and Results

At its South Pittsburgh facility in Tennessee, Lodge produces hundreds of items every single day, it is the only full line, cast iron cookware manufacturer in the United States. Playing a key role in that process are three DISA molding machines that help put high quality castings into Lodge.

Increased production in capacity

Michael Whitfield, VP Manufacturing confirmed that the DISA machines had allowed Lodge to increase its production capacity. This was further quantified by the Foundry Support Manager, Scott Lakey: “Our old DISAMATIC 2013 Mk 5’s run on an average of 400 to 410 molds per hour. On the new larger DISAMATIC 250 we range from 415 to as high as 450 molds per hour. Most of the time it’s in the 420 range. The advantage is that it makes twice as many castings as the old machines.

“We’re a 100% cookware manufacturer that runs a foundry. We found that the DISA vertical machines are the best machines for what we produce. They perform well, we have a good relationship with DISA, and I think they make the best vertically parted machine and that’s what we found works for manufacturing our products.” Scott Lakey confirmed.

Quality and performance delivered by a quality partnership

Lodge and DISA have enjoyed a very long and close relationship, Henry Lodge, the owner, said: “The main reason we continue to order DISA and only look at DISA’s when we are planning an expansion or a replacement is because of the quality of the machine and the quality of the mold it will make.”

Scott Lakey endorsed the support he gets in production: “We can pick the phone up and get help. Their service and parts department personnel are very helpful.”

With millions of molds and decades of experience with DISA, Lodge has been able to position itself as a top tier player in the global cookware market. As consumer demand increases, this partnership will continue to play a key role in the future expansion of this century old manufacturer.

Through efficient and dependable performance, DISA and Wheelabrator will continue to lower their costs per casting and keep their business running strong.

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“The advantage is that it makes twice as many castings as the old machine.”