DISA moulding equipment

World leading solutions because every casting counts

DISA offers a full range of moulding solutions for the production of high quality castings

  • DISAMATIC® - the ultimate choice for high volume, flaskless vertical production of quality castings with unmatched speed of up to 510 moulds per hour.
  • DISA MATCH - flaskless matchplate technology for efficient high-quality production of castings in shorter runs with frequent pattern changes.
  • DISA FLEX - horizontal flask turn-style moulding machine for foundries wanting a flexible solution for production of high quality, medium and heavy near net shape castings.
      (DISA FLEX is subject to geographical sales restrictions).
  • DISA ARPA - jolt squeeze technology for smaller foundries requiring flexibility, good quality production of short run castings.
      (DISA ARPA is subject to geographical sales restrictions).

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