DISA is Shaping your operators and maintenance staff

DISA's service professionals identify areas of wear and are proactive in their recommendations to be sure the machine is in top condition. It is good to have their experience to lead and train our operators and maintenance personnel so that we are able to operate and maintain the equipment properly day after day.

Al White, Engineer, Mueller Co., Albertville, USA

DISA training program

With a DISA moulding machine, you have the tool for profitable production of high-quality castings. However, knowing how to operate, maintain and troubleshoot is just as important to ensure high uptime and fast return on investment.

The main purpose of DISA training program is to train the operators, give them the knowledge and understanding so they are able to optimise their DISA moulding machine.  

The DISA Training department offers standard and customised training either at DISA or at your site, empowering your operators and maintenance staff to actively work to optimise your foundry operation.

What our training department can offer you:

  • Operator training
  • Foundry process training
  • DISA Moulding machine training
  • Production optimisation training
  • Customised courses
  • Combined training course and service visit



Your operators will get improved knowledge and new technical skills. They will be able to understand, optimise and maintenance your DISA moulding machine. These benefits will help your foundry increase the lifetime of your DISA moulding machine, increased the up-time and reduced the scrap rates. 

DISA Training

Helps you improve the lifetime of your moulding machine

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