Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE

Putting AI to work for foundries

Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help green sand foundries optimise their whole process, not only moulding or pouring. It's proven to significantly reduce scrap and increase profit.

Built to make sense of complexity, Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE learns from your existing data to deliver new insights. It finds out what works and what doesn’t.

Move to real-time control

Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE is an Industry 4.0 Expert Execution System (EES), analysing live foundry data to predict the correct machine settings for every situation before defects occur. That gives you dynamic, real-time process control.

As conditions and materials vary, it keeps on optimising – ensuring your process stays stable and produces the highest quality castings at all times.

All you need to begin is your data.

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Practical and proven for rapid results

Delivered by DISA in partnership with AI experts DataProphet, the Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE packaged service is quick and simple to deploy with rapid time to value.

With your production history at its fingertips, Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE incorporates the wisdom of your best engineers to become the most reliable expert in your foundry. Its guidance helps your operations team eliminate defects, dramatically cut scrap and minimize downtime.

Extract maximum value from your data

If you already have Monitizer® | CIM or Monitizer® | GLOBAL installed, the Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE EES maximises the value of your existing investment. Uniquely practical and effective, it's already tried and tested in a green sand foundry environment. There's no need for new data scientists. No new computer hardware. All you need to begin is your data.

How does it work?

Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE employs advanced machine learning and cloud computing horsepower to spot links between quality problems and process parameters. From sand grain size to pouring cup level, it analyses data from across the entire moulding line.

Automatically analysing historic production and quality data, it learns from past mistakes and corrections made by your own experts. From that analysis, Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE finds the optimal process settings and tolerances for each casting and process.

Our Expert Execution System, enabled by AI, has helped a foundry in South Africa cut defect rates in grey iron engine block castings by 50% in the first month. For the first time ever, they achieved zero internal defects on all shipped castings over three months and save over $100k every month.

Frans Cronje, CEO, DataProphet.

Keeping your process on track

Knowing the best “recipe”, it can predict possible errors – then prescribe the best actions to take to improve quality in real time. Like an autonomous car keeps you in the middle of the lane, it constantly monitors foundry data and provides real-time recommendations to help you keep your process quality on track.

The aim? Zero defects, zero scrap, minimum downtime and maximum profit.

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