Could an obsolete control system shut down your foundry?

DISA moulding machines are famous for their long lives. They work well for decades. Unfortunately, PLCs age much more quickly than your machine. PLC components eventually become hard – or even impossible – to find.

Upgrades boost performance

Reduce maintenance cost

Obsolete PLC part prices are increased significantly - new once are half price or less.

High uptime

New PLC parts are easily available with short notice for many years.


Remote support

Included eWON provides safe and secure connection for fast remote support.

Quick installation

Connects to the existing wiring so it can easily be installed in a weekend.


PLC upgrade kits

This proven upgrade technology is already running at many DISA lines. It connects to the existing machine wiring for fast installation and the program has been converted by experienced DISA engineers to ensure it will perform just as well as the existing one.

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