Equipment Modernisation Programme (EMP) and Upgrades

DISA Equipment Modernisation Programme - EMP is a continuous process, which is a part of any research and development process, when designing and developing new moulding solutions. Therefore, DISA is able to keep your moulding machine constantly up to date in the following areas:

  • Capacity
  • Efficiency
  • Functionality upgrades
  • Meeting new standards
  • Working environment

As an example of Equipment Modernisation Programme products, we can mention:

Upgrades – capacity/efficiency

  • For some of the DISA moulding machines it is possible to enhance the capacity by up to 30% - which enhances the lifetime of existing moulding equipment, and is an obvious alternative to new moulding equipment

Functionality and working environment

  • On new moulding equipment the working environment is an integral part of the equipment development. Today, working environment is one of the most important values in all companies.
  • As an example of improving working environment through functionality upgrades, we can mention the CSE Light Curtain, which can now be implemented on DISAMATIC 2013 machines
  • Other examples of improving the working environment and at the same time enhancing efficiency when working with moulding equipment, are:
    • QPC – Quick Pattern plate Changer
    • PPC – Pattern Plate Changer
    • APC – Automatic Pattern plate Changer

DISA Global Services offer DISA Equipment Modernisation Programme services. Please contact your local DISA Sales Representative if you want more information about DISA EMPs, or if you have an identified EMP project or need.