DISA Innovation

we listen to what our customers want

DISA is a well-known brand name in the moulding industry because of our excellence in especially vertical but also horizontal and matchplate moulding. Our long history and strong experience with innovative moulding technology has entailed that DISA today delivers moulding solutions that will add value to any foundry.

Our commitment and expertise within moulding means that we, throughout the years, have been able to keep improving our product range and ourselves. This effort has today resulted in a strong competitive situation within many different types of moulding solutions. The many dedicated engineers that make up our R&D team are continually supporting this positive development in order to secure DISA’s lead in the market, supplying innovative moulding solutions including sand preparation, moulding lines, core technology and comprehensive after sales services.

The moulding market of today will not be the same market tomorrow. Like customers in other foundry-related markets, customers within moulding are in the process of consolidation – becoming fewer but larger while undergoing specialisation and automation. This market evolution means we have higher standards to meet and set which will keep DISA on top of these progressions and equipped to supply our customers with technology leading solutions. We will build on our customer relationships and work in close cooperation with the market to improve product costs, central controls, near net shape and higher total-up time.  

Year Innovation 
 2015 MAC: Mould Accuracy Controller
 2015 AFS: Automatic Filter Setter
 2015 DFC: DISA Foundry Cockpit
 2015 DISAMATIC D3 introduced
 2012 MATCH 20/24 flaskless matchplate moulding machine introduced
 2011 DISA 231 Fast introduced
 2011 DISA 280-C, the world’s largest vertical moulding machine introduced
 2010 DISA MATCH 24/28 flaskless matchplate moulding machine introduced
 2009 DISA FLEX 80 flaskline introduced
 2008 DISA MATCH 32/32 (and 28/32), world largest flaskless matchplate moulding machine introduced
 2008 DISA TOPS Process, Streamlined Gating System
 2008 DISA RP core machine introduced
 2007 DISA 231, world's fastest vertical moulding machine to set new standards in the industry
 2007 DISA EP core machine introduced