New APC: Reduce Downtime for Pattern Changes by 300%

DISA has introduced a new Automatic Pattern Changer (APC) for its DISAMATIC D3 moulding line. The new APC changes pattern plates in less than 60 seconds. It enables a production increase of up to 16 moulds per pattern change compared to the QPC, the manually operated pattern plate changer, and reduces downtime for a pattern change by 300%.

Pattern plates are getting heavier, making them both more difficult and more time-consuming for operators to handle. Automated pattern plate change technology addresses this challenge.  

Lars Hjelm, Global Product Manager at DISA, explains: “Pattern plate changes have become an issue for many of our customers. With the new APC, we have developed a solution both to the ergonomical and production challenges of pattern plate changes. The operation of the APC is independent of operator skills, thanks to its easy-to-use, touch-screen VDU and a fully automated change sequence. The new larger touch screen offers improved readability and access, ensuring better and safer operation.” 

New software for unmatched reliability

On the outside, the new APC for the DISAMATIC D3 does not look that much different from the previous APC available from DISA. The crucial difference is in the completely new software package, which has been completely reworked to run more stably and reliably. 

Lars concludes:

“Customers who have already experienced the new APC have stressed its trouble-free operation and a very high uptime as some of the major advantages. And this in addition to the 200% increase in speed compared to the QPC, which translates into up to 16 moulds production gain per pattern plate change.”

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