The absolute success story of 2016 was the new DISAMATIC D3 machine.

At the last GIFA show, an event that was later referred to as “the world premiere of next generation vertical moulding”, we unveiled the DISAMATIC D3. It has been an exciting journey to date we are proud to share the great success of the DISAMATIC D3 and all the positive feedback received from foundries from all over the world.

The “World Premiere of Next Generation of Vertical Moulding” took place at the unveiling ceremony at GIFA 2015.

The world of foundry witnessed the event, and listened as we made huge promises:

  • A machine-related mismatch of max 0.10 mm for minimal finishing costs
  • A high speed output of precision castings using automatic filter setter and mould accuracy controller
  • A double index system, further increasing productivity levels by as much as 30%

Since that introduction, the global sales of this product have exceeded all our expectations. And since the DISAMATIC D3 has been installed in foundries around the world, we’re hearing that the D3’s performance is also exceeding our customers’ expectations.

The D3 is operating today in foundries as far afield as Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, Brazil, Poland, Germany and the USA. Here’s what these customers have said about the D3:

“The D3 has taken precision, flexibility and reliability to a whole new level”

“It has already delivered high capacity, superior quality and rock-steady performance through high speed and yield, ultra short pattern change times and low maintenance requirements.”

The first D3 to be installed in the USA, was at OSCO Industries in Ohio. We exhibited their first machine at CastExpo 2016 ( - and we are so grateful when our customers allow us to exhibit the machines they buy). The installation phase was rather challenging, but as soon as the machine was up and running, it performed – and has continued to perform - beyond expectations.

Before the end of 2016, OSCO signed their second D3 order, and the US foundry is all set to replace a total of four DISAMATIC 2013 Mk-5 with four DISAMATIC D3 machines over the next couple of years. The DISAMATIC D3 was designed following extensive customer feedback and collaboration. It’s success is testament to all those customers who enable us to pursue our passion for innovation in engineering and moulding technology, to shape the future of foundry.