Lockdown at DISA India operation to combat Covid-19

To all Customers / Suppliers / Distributors / Banking partners


Sub: Extended Lockdown at our operation to combat COVID 19


Dear Stakeholders,

This is in addition to my earlier communication on 23rd March 2020 informing you about the lockdown situation at Norican between 23rd March 2020 to 31st March 2020.

In view of the new announcement of the Country Wide lockdown by the Government of India for a period of 21 days, we shall remain closed between 25th March 2020 till 14th April 2020.

The company management team is actively taking stock of situation on a war footing and is trying to minimise the impact to all our stakeholders, however these are unprecedented times and are beyond control of anyone of us.

We remain committed to serving you in the time to come and seek your understanding for the current situation.

Have a Safe time for you and your families.


Best Regards,

Lokesh Saxena

Managing Director

Dated: 25th March 2020