Aftermarket excellence – because innovation never stops

Downtime, maintenance, high energy consumption and scrap rates are universal concerns of foundries – but DISA has just the remedy. To ensure your foundry remains efficient and profitable DISA has developed three aftermarket service solutions that have been fine tuned to keep foundries running at maximum efficiency.

DISA EMP – Equipment Modernisation Programme

Quality foundry technology is just the start. Equipment needs maintaining and optimising on a formalised, ongoing basis to keep equipment running at ‘brand-new’ performance levels. 

The DISA EMP service is designed to ensure machines are constantly up-to-date and running at optimum. Benefits of a DISA EMP include: capacity increases, efficiency improvements, functionality improvements, legislative and standards compliance, as well as working environment improvements such as safety, cleanliness and noise reduction.

Beyond recommending improvements to your DISA equipment, DISA experts can advise on improvements to the working environment, helping to make sure your employees stay healthy and safe.

DISA can maintain, service and upgrade any DISA machine. Schedule your EMP by contacting DISA here.

TOPS – Total Optimisation Production Service

The DISA Total Optimisation Production Service (TOPS) is a structured inspection, service and maintenance programme that is exclusively available to owners of DISA moulding equipment. 

It focuses on reducing the risk of unplanned downtime while optimising machine performance. Through regular inspections and service visits, DISA technicians support efficient maintenance planning and execution. 

A DISA TOPS Agreement gives you the reassurance that your DISA moulding machine will perform continuously and cost-effectively to help your business run successfully. An inspection comprises two eight hour visits which can be scheduled according to the production plan, but are recommended for every three to six months.

The DISA TOPS offer has been standardised globally, ensuring that all DISA customers will get the exact same service.

Visit DISA TOPS webpage to read more about the the programme or contact your representative by filling out a form here

PLC replacement

An obsolete PLC is a weak link within your foundry. It only takes one obsolete part to break for a foundry to experience downtime. Spare parts often become difficult to source with age, and even if they can be found, the cost involved can make repairs a ‘false economy fix’. 

While it can be possible to opt for like-for-like functionality when replacing a PLC, the latest models invariably offer a host of new features and functions, meaning a fresh approach can help foundries to improve diagnostics, troubleshooting, maintenance monitoring and data gathering, while also offering remote monitoring capability. 

For ultimate peace of mind and maximum uptime, we always advise planning your PLC replacement in advance to ensure it takes place at a convenient time, long before any parts fail. 

Please contact DISA to find out what solutions are available for your equipment.