In your words: The simple innovation that’s slashing maintenance time

Heavy overpours create big plates on top of the mould, which normally cause problems in shake-out and cooling. However, with the special design of the last section of the MOC system, we can remove this plate right after the pouring zone and avoid the problems in shake-out and cooling.

Benny Christensen, MAT Dania ApS

We’re often told that over-pours and leakages are just a fact of life in foundries. So we’ve made it our mission to find a solution.

Lars Hjelm, global product manager, DISA

Designed and developed to protect the Automatic Mould Conveyor’s (AMC) mechanical and electrical parts from molten metal, the Melt Overflow Cover (MOC) is a simple yet effective feature that helps increase the reliability of your moulding equipment, optimise your daily foundry operations and improve your overall casting quality – simply by preventing over-pours and overflows.

The MOC panels are adjusted to secure a minimum gap between the top rail and the top of the moulds. This creates a barrier against the sides of the mould string, which – in case of overpouring – will stop the excess molten metal and keep it on top of the mould. 

The overall aim is to prevent melting overflow and extended downtime, putting a stop to excessive cleaning and maintenance costs, while countering the risk of mismatch due to the Automatic Mould Conveyor (AMC) thrust bar malfunctioning.

DISA MOC animation

Watch the DISA MOC animation now

While working with our DISAMATIC D3 moulding line customers, I have witnessed operators being amazed when they see that not a drop of liquid iron is on the thrust bars.

Andreas Skov Petersen, Technical Support, DISA Global Services

After we installed the MOC system, we haven't had a single drop of molten iron on our thrust bars, thus eliminating the need for unscheduled thrust bar maintenance.

Benny Christensen, MAT Dania ApS

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