DISA MATCH 14/19 is here:
new size, same reliable matchplate molding

DISA has launched a new version of its DISA MATCH matchplate, green-sand molding machine in the 14/19 mold size popular among US foundries.

The new DISA MATCH 14/19 employs the unique DISAMATIC® Blow/Squeeze mechanism to consistently produce high-quality castings at speeds of up to 180 uncored molds per hour with fast pattern changes – perfect for jobbing foundries that specialize in short to medium runs. With an installed base of over 120 machines worldwide, DISA MATCH is trusted as the most reliable and accurate matchplate technology available.

“Matchplate molding is very popular in US foundries and we had many requests from customers who wanted to upgrade their existing 14/19 format machines to a DISA MATCH. “That’s why we decided to extend the DISA MATCH range to include the 14/19 size and to launch it in the US first. Optimized to suit the smaller pattern size, the new 14/19 machine retains all the speed, accuracy, quality and flexibility DISA MATCH is famous for.”

Roberto Ramirez, Director of Foundry Sales at DISA North America.

Pattern adaptor makes upgrading easy

The new DISA MATCH 14/19’s matchplate adaptor means it can reuse existing jolt-squeeze pattern plates or patterns from other vendors’ matchplate machines with minimum modification* – making upgrading quick and pain-free. The DISA MATCH 14/19’s sand blow system has been optimized for the new mold size, giving perfect sand filling with no need for ram-up blocks.

Suitable for iron, aluminum or other alloys, the versatile DISA MATCH range now includes five mold sizes: 14/19, 20/24, 24/28, 28/32 and 32/32. It’s the most rigid and accurately-controlled matchplate system available, with a maximum machine-related mismatch of only 0.2mm (0.25mm for the two larger mold-size versions), giving very high casting accuracy and repeatability.

With rapid, precise pattern changes, numerous automation options and an easy-to-use operator interface, DISA MATCH enables jobbing foundries to achieve the lowest cost per casting – even for short runs. Features like DISA’s in-chamber parting spray system that prevents sand sticking to the pattern plate and the patented sand slot design help deliver consistently higher casting quality with less need for machining – keeping finishing costs to a minimum.

High performance molding, simple maintenance

DISA MATCH’s robust and simple design has a minimum of moving parts for quicker, less frequent maintenance and unbeatable uptime. Operators benefit from increased workspace, along with a cleaner, safer and quieter working environment.

Pre-integrated automation options like the Automatic Core Setter, Quick Matchplate Changer and Automatic Mold Handling system further speed operations, aid cooling and enhance casting quality. DISA MATCH is also compatible with DISA’s Monitizer digital platform and remote technical support via the DISA Remote Monitoring System.

With our new 14/19 model, the DISA MATCH range has a machine to suit just about every matchplate user. Now anyone can upgrade and experience the benefits of DISA MATCH performance.”

concluded Roberto Ramirez.