Advanced green sand vertical moulding technology made affordable for small-series and low volume foundries. The C3-150 offers up to 150 moulds per hour (uncored), it is a robust, entry level vertical moulding solution for flexible, jobbing or foundries who currently use manual processes.

DISAMATIC C3-150 Moulding techniques


101 - 150 moulds per hour

Key Benefits

Up to 150 moulds per hour

Less scrap and lower finishing costs

Higher profitability over a longer service life

Safe, easy and clean operation

Upgrade to vertical moulding

The DISAMATIC C3-150 is great for foundries who want to convert to vertical moulding - it's perfect for flexible and jobbing foundries.  C3 - 150 can produce:

  • up to 150 moulds per hour (uncored)
  • manual core setting: 120 moulds per hour (includes 15 secs. core setting time)

Always with a high accuracy rate (0.25 mm mismatch).

The machine uses approximately 20-23 t/hour sand, depending on the speed as well as the castings produced. The DISAMATIC C3-150 is perfect for foundries that want to free up man hours and are looking for a cost-effective moulding solution.

Support that pays

DISA offers worldwide support of the DISAMATIC C3 to help maximise foundry performance at all times, thanks to:

  • fast delivery of original spare parts
  • on-site technical support from offices close to you
  • 24-hour support hotline
  • DISA TOPS, DISA’s exclusive customer inspection, service and maintenance programme

We at APEX SME foundry tried to upgrade our conventional foundry to machine moulding two years back with lowest investment but the result achieved was unsatisfactorily. Now with DISA initiative we are upgrading our foundry with DISAMATIC C3-150 , we believe, it’s the right choice as it gives 120 moulds/hour with manual core setting and having world famous DISAMATIC in my foundry changes my business.

Mr. Bala Sundaram, Propitiator, APEX foundry

DISAMATIC C3-150 features and options

Automatic Mould Conveyor

The Automatic Mould Conveyor (AMC), 12m or 18m long, is synchronised with the DISAMATIC C3 moulding machine for high-precision, hydraulically-driven mould transport through the pouring, solidifying and cooling zones – and without shifting, distortion or displacement of moulds. The AMC features replaceable wear strips for easy maintenance.

Synchronised Belt Conveyor

Used to extend cooling time, the Synchronised Belt Conveyor (SBC) is available in 2-metre rubber belt modules that run on precisely positioned rollers with dustproof bearings. The SBC is powered
by and synchronised with the AMC (see above), ensuring steady transport of the entire mould string without mould gaps, thereby ensuring mould integrity.

Quick Pattern Plate Changer

The Quick Pattern Change unit (QPC) facilitates and speeds up pattern changing on the DISAMATIC C3 moulding machine. The QPC makes pattern changes easier, faster, more precise and less dependent on the skills and routine of the operator, thereby reducing pattern changing time and minimising the risk of errors.

Manual Core Setting

The DISAMATIC C3-150 is equipped with a manual core setting function as standard. The machine is capable of running 120mph which includes 15 second core setting time. A pneumatic door opens automatically in the side of the machine, the operator set the cores manually, closes the door, hereafter the next mould will automatically be made.

It is perfectly suited for jobbing foundries as the cores can be set manually without any additional hassle of making fixtures or core masks. The operator setting the cores has ample space.

DISAMATIC C3 - Manual Core Setting