DISAMATIC D5 Vertical Moulding Machine

The DISAMATIC® D5 is a green sand vertical moulding solution for large castings. Based on the revolutionary D3 platform, the D5’s multiple innovations and cutting-edge technology deliver the fastest throughputs, highest yields and maximum uptime for large castings.

Replacing the popular DISAMATIC 240 and 250, the D5 is available in three mould sizes up to 650x850mm and 500mm thick. With three speeds up to 450 uncored moulds per hour, it combines premium mould quality with breathtaking speed, short-run flexibility and minimum maintenance.

”We have now replaced all our vertical moulding machines with the latest D-series DISAMATICs and have future-proofed our processes. The investment in new state-of-the-art equipment has enabled us to reduce our operating and maintenance costs, improve our energy costs and achieve high machine availability.”

Rochus Hiller, Foundry Manager, LEDA Werk Germany

DISAMATIC D5 Green Sand Vertical Moulding Machine


401 - 450 moulds per hour

Key Benefits

Produce a wider range of large, complex castings

High throughput and powerful automation options

Minimum scrap for the lowest cost per casting

Future-proof control system

The bigger the casting, the greater the challenge

Foundries that want the highest casting quality and productivity must handle large pattern plates and heavy cores quickly, efficiently and safely while often dealing with complex, deep-pocketed geometries.

The DISAMATIC® D5 meets the large casting challenge with ease. It features all-new hydraulics and a state-of-the-art control system, with a host of smart innovations and powerful automation options that handle large pattern plates, cores and filters precisely, quickly and safely.

Simple, robust and reliable with standardised components, the D5 is built for easy servicing, lower maintenance costs and a clean and modern working environment. The digital-ready DISAMATIC D5 is perfect for ambitious foundries that want a future-proof way to transform big casting production – and achieve the very lowest cost per casting.

Sustainable innovation

DISA’s sustainable innovation doesn’t just minimise a machine’s ecological footprint  – it makes sound business sense too.

The DISAMATIC D5’s energy efficiency and clever new features cut CO2 emissions and reduce scrap – but they also deliver lower running costs, higher yields and greater productivity for large castings.

  • A redesigned hydraulic system cuts oil consumption and keeps oil cleaner, with a patented, high-efficiency pump. Optional air cooling of hydraulic oil can eliminate water consumption altogether.
  • Mouldability innovations like Adjustable Squeeze Distribution let your foundry produce a wider range of large, complex castings with higher quality and less scrap.
  • The new Adaptive Pouring Position feature keeps the distance between the D5 and the pouring unit constant to minimise pouring cup movement, improving quality and line speed.
  • Less loose or sticking sand means fewer sand inclusions, improved surface quality and less scrap. That’s why the D5 incorporates features like re-squeeze, enhanced sand blow-off and extra heating in the sand shot system and hopper.

Smart Upgrades

Add powerful accessories and digital options that increase the D5’s productivity, quality and connectivity

Choose your accessories

The Quick Pattern Changer (QPC) is standard on the D5 to accelerate manual pattern changes. An Automatic Pattern Changer (APC) triples pattern change speed to boost flexibility and increase short-run efficiency.

The Automatic Core Setter (CSE) inserts cores into the mould completely automatically. Combined with the compact, semi-automatic Quick Core Mask Changer (QCC), changing core masks is easy, fast and precise. The CSE’s new ability to lift and set heavy cores further reduces cycle times and helps avoid possible operator injury.

Add an Automatic Mould Conveyor (AMC) or a Precision Mould Conveyer (PMC) for synchronised, high-precision mould transportation. Redesigned for less wear and lower energy consumption, optional thrust bar heating prevents sand sticking while optional melt overflow protection covers protect the AMC and PMC’s working parts.

Ready for a smarter foundry

Digital technology helps transform foundry efficiency, which is why the DISAMATIC D5 arrives ready for Industry 4.0 with a pre-installed NoriGate gateway. To start turning your D5’s data into value, simply connect it to one or more of DISA’s Monitizer® applications.

  • Monitizer | CIM is an on-premise solution for foundry data collection, data visualisation and machine automation.
  • Monitizer | DISCOVER helps you collect, monitor and analyse all your foundry data – including data from legacy software systems.
  • Monitizer | PRESCRIBE’s AI-driven analytics optimise the whole green sand process to significantly reduce scrap and increase profit.

Transform your large casting production

Producing consistently superb mouldings with blistering speed, the DISAMATIC D5 is the state-of-the-art choice for large green-sand casting production.

Digitally-enabled, it arrives ready for Industry 4.0 – and also creates a modern, safe, quiet and dust-free working environment. Operators will love the D5’s intuitive touchscreen control panel and clever automation options that reduce manual strain – and cycle times too.

Designed and built with DISA’s famous attention to detail, the D5’s combination of performance, reliabillity and easy maintenance delivers maximum profitability over a lifetime measured in decades.