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DISA History


 History of DISA


DISA was established and production of light machine guns started up
1930 A.P. Møller bought shares in DISA
1937 Georg Fischer (GF) started production of shot blast machines
1940-1961 DISA produced a variety of products like: sewing machines, refrigerators, tractors, petrol pumps, motorcycles & electronic devices
1962 A scale model of a DISAMATIC was presented at GIFA
1964 The first DISAMATIC vertical moulding machine was sold to the United Danish Iron Foundries
1986 Acquisition of BMD (shot blast, horizontal moulding and filter equipment)
1996 Founding of Georg Fischer Disa, a joint venture between DISA and Georg Fischer's foundry equipment division
2000 Acquisition of V&S (shot blast equipment)
2000 Founding of the DISA Group after the acquisition by DISA of all shares in the joint venture
2005 The DISA Air division sold to Dantherm
2005 DISA Group is acquired by Procuritas
2008 DISA Group is acquired by Mid Europa Partners
2009 DISA and Wheelabrator Group merge. Wheelabrator Group is the world-leading surface preparation provider, and the DISA surface preparation divison is rebranded Wheelabrator. DISA (moulding and foundry solutions) retains it's brand.
2014 DISA and Wheelabrator Group enter into a binding agreement with Altor Fund IV ("Altor") to sell a majority of its shares.
2017 Norican Acquires LMCS Group 
2018 Norican have sold the DISA core division