The universal DISA MATCH machine for heavy castings

We are very pleased with our investment in the DISA MATCH 28/32. We have gained significant technological progress and improvement of working conditions. First of all, we have reached the ability to produce more complex, heavy castings – which means that we can offer our customers a much wider range of high-quality, complicated elements. What is also very important is that our machining costs have decreased due to higher accuracy and lower allowances for mechanical treatment.

Mr. Tadeusz Jurga, Co-owner & Vice Chairman, DRAWSKI SA

Company Profile

The DRAWSKI company was founded in 1854. At the beginning, the foundry produced exclusively agricultural machinery, and from 1930 to 1990, DRAWSKI was one of the biggest producers of malleable iron in Poland.

Today, DRAWSKI offers moulds for agricultural machines, water supply and sewage installations as well as ornamental castings made of grey, ductile and malleable iron. The annual production capacity reaches more than 10,000 tonnes of castings, of which 25% is exported to a wide range of European countries.

Challenges, Solution and Results

In 2011, ODLEWNIA ZELIWA DRAWSKI SA switched from ineffective, manual jolt squeeze machines (type FKT) to the flexible and automatic production of high-quality, complex castings, using DISA MATCH moulding equipment. The Polish foundry is more than satisfied with the outcome:


“Before DISA, much of our production was based on jolt-squeeze moulding machines, type FKT. Having examined the market, we decided to replace them with an automated solution from DISA, thereby acquiring the flexibility for short runs and frequent pattern changes in order to realize important competitive advantages in terms of flexibility, quality and cost”, Tadeusz Jurga states.

“Results met our expectations”

"Several years ago, we chose DISA because they met all our requirements. What was important was that this Danish company – as one of very few – could make a complete delivery. The results met our expectations, and DISA experts helped us to find solutions to the technological problems occurring. Therefore, we still choose DISA as our all-round foundry partner, and we’ve always been satisfied with the cooperation." Mr. Ryszard Kielczyk, Co-owner & Chairman, DRAWSKI SA


Meeting all challenges – from higher throughput and yield to lower costs 

“Basically, we had four challenges:

Automation in order to reduce our dependence upon manpower that can be be hard to find,

Higher throughput and yield in order to enhance our competitive power,

Production of heavier and more complex castings, and

A more agile response to the requirements of our customers”, Ryszard Kielczyk explains.


DRAWSKI operates two automatic moulding lines: The DISA MATCH 28/32 and the DISAMATIC 2013, casting parts that weigh from 0.2 kg to 100 kg.  

“The ability to meet our challenges, combined with the world-leading technology, service and support at every stage of the decision-making process, led us to choose a DISA MATCH 28/32 moulding line.

Apart from the machine, it consists of an automatic mould handling line and pallet cars, which enable 50 minutes cooling time and a quick pattern changing device – a choice we benefit from every day and which allows us to constantly boost our competitive edge”, Ryszard Kielczyk emphasizes.

RESULT - Speed, quality, reliability and lower costs

“Instead of just 25 m/h, using the old jolt squeeze machines, we now reach a capacity of 80-100 m/h. Additionally, the fully automated DISA moulding solutions and our mould handling lines are fully synchronized, and in consequence, our manpower requirements have dropped from 26 to 6 employees per shift”,

“Moreover, implementation of the DISA moulding machine has given us measurable results, ensuring not only speed, accuracy and a perfect surface quality, but has also meant the successful development of a system for installing sleeves on our pattern plates, which is the key when producing heavy, complex goods at lower costs”, Ryszard Kielczyk concludes.