33% productivity increase and zero breakdowns

An EMP success story from Trinity Engineers, Pune

Trinity Engineers Pvt Ltd., known as the Master Blacksmiths, is a company engaged in the manufacture of forgings for the automotive and non-automotive applications, which has been in operation since 1973. Its manufacturing facilities are located at Chinchwad, Pune.

Trinity Engineers clientele represent different sectors such as Automobile, Power, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Constructions. The company has plans to diversify into specialized product range to meet the forged parts requirements of the Petrochemical and Food processing industry among others.

Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has an employee strength of 600. 

“We have been using Wheelabrator DTC-1 machine in our facilities since 2013. 

Over the years, the machine performance was exceptional with machine shotblast quality and batch load capacity. 

With increased business, we requested from the Wheelabrator team to improve machine output and loading capacity. They undertook an equipment modernization program in our machine with improved blades and other parts. 

Now, the machine is as good as any other new machine. We are now able to increase the productivity by a 33% with zero breakdown. We are happy with the Wheelabrator equipment modernization program.” 

-  Mr. A V Ghugari, Technical Director, Trinity Engineers, Pune 

DISA India supplied Wheelabrator DTC Shot blasting machine to Trinity Engineers in year 2013. After successful commissioning of the DTC machine, the customer was able to get a blade life of about 1200-1500 hrs. 

The wheel parts life started to reduce and reached up to about 500 hrs. The Trinity team started using a local make blade in the hope to get better wheel parts life, but it reduced further with additional damages to the machine chamber. 

The local made wheel blades were varying in size, which resulted in more wear and tear of the machine drum and chamber. This lead to frequent machine breakdowns resulting in reduction in productivity to 60 tons/day.


The DISA India aftermarket team attended the problem and conducted an audit. Based on the report, the DISA India aftermarket team recommended an equipment modernization program with technologically proven blades. 

With EMP done on machine chamber to suit the high-performance blades, the machine is now performing better with improved batch load capacity of 80+ tons/day (33% more) and the improved wear life of more than 1500 hrs.

Trinity equipment case study

Team Involved:

DISA India Limited, Region: IMEA
DISA Aftermarket: Pravin Gaikwad
DISA Service : Mohammad Zakariya
Distributor: Foundry Equipment Engineer, Pune

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