Is dirty hydraulic oil damaging your DISAMATIC® right now?

Are you sure your hydraulic oil is clean?

Dirty hydraulic oil damages your equipment

Contaminated or degraded hydraulic oil can cripple modern high performance moulding machines. Water and grit accelerate wear, reducing efficiency and damaging vital valves, bearings and pumps. If hydraulic oil overheats just once, the lifespan of the hydraulic oil components drops by 66%.

If you are worried about oil condition, how do you check it? Sample testing takes time. Changing the oil – just in case – is expensive and wasteful.

Check oil condition instantly with the new DISA Optimal Oil Filtration module

DISA’s Optimal Oil Filtration (OOF) module shows you hydraulic oil condition in real time. Its sensors constantly monitor lubrication quality, temperature, water content and particle contamination.

If the oil deteriorates , the OOF alerts you – automatically. Its built-in offline filtering system works 24/7 to remove water and particles too.





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