Designing safety into all we do

Working towards a safer, low waste world

Customer and employee safety is the first priority at DISA. That’s why protection is built into our equipment’s DNA. Failsafe control and hydraulic systems, light curtains and protective covers – all there to safeguard operators.

Safety is also part of DISA’s commitment to sustainability . We constantly strive to improve our performance across sustainability’s many environmental, commercial and social dimensions.

How can you check if we “walk the talk”? Look at our accreditations.

Customers can trust in our complete compliance with CE regulations for product safety and environmental standards while rigorous ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations for quality and environment management guide our safe and sustainable working practices.

Smarter thinking, safer solutions

ISO 9001 compliance reveals the time and effort we put into
making sure the product or service you buy is the best it can
possibly be. It means you can always be confident that everything
we offer will meet or exceed our stated standards.

 ISO 9001

ISO 14001 accreditation proves we have a defined environmental policy
and are serious about complying with sustainable legislation. This
standard gives us a framework with which to measure our sustainable
manufacturing efficiencies and monitor ongoing progress towards our sustainability goals.

 ISO 14001

And, just as we create new benchmarks in foundry equipment, we also innovate in new product safety standards – by taking part in the ISO working groups that specify them.

Whether at our factory or on customer sites, the effort we put into gaining – and maintaining – our accreditations prove that safe, sustainable working is always job number one at DISA.

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