The DISAMIX is the most advanced, fastest and most efficient bentonite-bonded, foundry sand mixer we’ve ever created – yet it’s also the easiest to operate, access and maintain.

Shaped by our customers’ needs, its ground-breaking design brings faster, more complete mixing, greater sand consistency and reduced bentonite and energy consumption to your green sand foundry.


Key Benefits

New tilted mixer bowl maximises blending efficiency and promote faster unloading

Optimised blender delivers fast, complete mixing

Tough ceramic bowl liner

Fully automatic, sample-data-driven control of moisture and material feed


  • Large, integral water tank for ultra-fast pre-water dosing
  • Tough ceramic bowl liner that can last for decades
  • Continuous quality control with integrated Sand Multi Controller (SMC)
  • New carbide-coated blender blades endure for years and reduce vibration


  • Belt-free, direct drives are energy-efficient and easy to service independently
  • Robust gearbox with external oil tank offers pump-free, reliable lubrication
  • Compatible with the optional Monitizer | CIM Industry 4.0 solution
  • Optional pneumatic bond injection system

Angled towards speed and efficiency

The DISAMIX’s most striking feature is a mixing chamber that slopes down at 8º. That incline deeply submerges the two turbines in sand to maximise blending efficiency and aids rapid unloading through the large discharge hatch in the lower section of the tilted mixer bowl.

To give the fastest, most complete mixing, we employed Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to optimise the mixing bowl shape, mixing tool and turbine designs. That means the DISAMIX achieves class-leading cycle times with only moderate temperature increases.

CFD optimisation also delivers far more uniform sand grain coating than wheel-type mixers. With its precise, automatic control of moisture and material proportions, the DISAMIX consistently creates homogeneous and fluffy moulding sand for more accurate moulds and higher casting quality – while minimising bentonite consumption.

Long life, low maintenance

Backed by DISA’s unrivalled global service support, DISAMIX is a uniquely simple and rugged machine. From the walk-in service door to the standard-fitment ceramic bowl liner that can last up to 20 years, it’s designed to massively reduce both maintenance costs and downtime.

  • Belt-free, direct-drives are energy-efficient and easy to service independently
  • New carbide-coated blender blades endure for years and reduce vibration
  • Robust gearbox with external oil tank offers pump-free, reliable lubrication

Continuous quality control as standard

DISA’s latest Sand Multi Controller (SMC) module gives every DISAMIX total command of sand moisture level, compressibility and sand strength. The SMC continuously takes real-time samples, measures them, then doses water and bentonite until the target sand specification is reached – all completely automatically.

  • SMC approves each batch before discharge
  • Records batch data for quality control
  • Back-up dosing control system based on mixing motor current


Machine control with digital integration…

An intelligent Siemens PLC control system manages all DISAMIX functions – turbine and mixer motors, material dosing and SMC – with industry-leading operational safety. Via the 15" user-friendly HMI display, operators can:

  • view mixer status
  • adjust mixing parameters and machine settings
  • monitor production data like production rate, cycle time, waiting status and trends
  • see current operation information and error messages • examine diagnostic information
  • access remote technical assistance (optional)

…that’s prepared for Industry 4.0

The DISAMIX is compatible with the optional DISA Monitizer® | CIM Industry 4.0 solution, which enables data collection, real-time production monitoring, recipe management and machine-to-machine communication. This is the foundation for advanced data-based process control and optimisation, helping you to enhance and simplify control and operation of your DISA equipment. Speed up root cause analysis using insights from the collected process data to unlock greater value from your foundry.