DISA Remote Monitoring Service

Prevent downtime, improve performance
benefit from DISA as the invisible engineer

DISA RMS in brief


Unplanned foundry equipment downtime causes delays, increases costs and disappoints customers. If the problem is serious, more time and money can be lost before the engineer arrives. For owners of foundry moulding equipment, DISA Remote Monitoring Services (RMS) offers an expert engineering overview of their moulding lines. 


Via a secure network connection, DISA’s technical specialists analyze your process and machine data.  These “invisible engineers” can alert you to any developing issues, help optimise process performance and support you in an emergency – cutting the risk of downtime to an absolute minimum.

Instant access to DISA know-how


With no need for expensive travel, DISA engineers ensure that your moulding line is working perfectly via the data they receive, they apply their authoritative knowledge to your process, alerting you to developing problems and giving you true preventative maintenance.


Benefits include:

  • Maximise uptime with early warning of machine or process issues
  • Data-driven insight for optimum performance and quality
  • Obtain instant assistance in emergencies
  • Comprehensive monthly report

Expert supervision, minimum cost

Weekly RMS checks perfectly compliment the annual or biannual visits carried out as part of DISA TOPS which offers on-site inspection and servicing by a dedicated DISA engineer to ensure your moulding equipment is in perfect operating condition.

RMS extends this specialist supervision to cover the entire production year. But, because our RMS specialists don’t have to leave the office, their valuable advice comes at a lower cost.

Since the installation of DISA RMS we now have an inside-out view on all of our three DISA machines; this is contributing to increasing the efficiency of our maintenance wich results in a more smooth daily production with less unplanned downtime.

Bernd H. Williams-boock, CEO - Ortrander Eisenhütte GmbH

Protecting your foundry

Remote assistance – when you need it most

By alerting you to developing problems, RMS allows for effective preventative maintenance.  Remote access to machine data via RMS gives you the option of instant troubleshooting. DISA engineers can immediately help you diagnose your machine’s fault and get up and running again quickly – without waiting for an on-site visit.


Put your data to work

Is your process data going to waste? A detailed monthly report based on your machine’s checklist helps you harness this information to increase productivity – with no need for expensive in-house technical skills.


RMS gives you the intelligence and support your foundry needs to raise production quality and output. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve.


How DISA RMS works

A PC with custom DISA software connects to your moulding line’s control system, it records process parameters and then securely transmits them to our RMS centre. There, the data is safely stored and made available for analysis.


The RMS remote connection is completely secure, employing a Virtual Private Network that encrypts all data. RMS installation is simple and rapid, with the flexibility to extend coverage to extra machinery as required.


Create an audit trail

The data stored by RMS offers a permanent record of your operations over long periods of time. This gives process traceability, vital in the event of equipment problems, and offers a reliability audit trail to your customers.

Our production monitoring improved shortly after the RMS was installed on our DISA 2013 Mk5 and that resulted in increased manufacturing output. The RMS is also making our maintenance tasks considerably easier.

Mario Mauro, General Manager, Isando Foundry - South Africa. A Plant of ZF Auto Industrial (Pty) Ltd.

Engage with our invisible engineers

To access early warnings and benefit from regular reporting from the DISA remote monitoring team, please contact us

"It’s like having a visit from a DISA specialist every single week"