DISA ARPA is available in the following sizes: 300, 450, 900, 1300


51 - 100 moulds per hour

Основные преимущества

High frequency, low amplitude jolting with high dynamic squeeze force for uniform and rigid moulds

Hydro-pneumatic swing in and out and precisely guided pattern draw for damage free stripping

All parts accessible above floor level for easy maintenance

Squeeze head swing – left or right


  • Panel mounted push button valves
  • Guide seals on guide bushes
  • Improved lub system
  • Better safety features
  • Adjustable pins to suit different box sizes
  • Engineered for easy maintenance
  • Single column structure
  • Highest true to mould accuracy



  • Pneumatic or electro pneumatic controls
  • Pin lift or roller lift mechanism
  • Pattern Shuttle for ARPA 1300 machine  only, to produce, cope and drag moulds with one machine


Most castings can be made on a DISA ARPA moulding machine, a simultaneous jolt and squeeze machine for smaller foundries requiring flexibility but without compromise of quality castings.

Engineered for the production of short run castings, ARPA machines are easy to maintain and have the option of pneumatic or electro pneumatic controls