DISA is Shaping the Agricultural Industry


As a complete foundry supplier, DISA is shaping the industry with solutions that lower your cost per agricultural casting when producing:
  • wheel hubs, agitators, suspension components,
  • gear box casings, brake drums, clevises,
  • vehicle hardware, manifolds, housings,
  • valve parts, brackets, covers

"DISA gives us the ability to put to use the latest innovations in foundry technology, while boosting our efficiency and overall capacity and profitability. DISA MATCH 32/32 is the perfect example."


"We are very pleased with our investment in the DISA MATCH 28/32.  We have gained significant technological progress and improvement of working conditions. First of all, we have reached the ability to produce more complex, heavy castings – which means that we can offer our customers a much wider range of high-quality, complicated elements. What is also very important is that our machining costs have decreased due to higher accuracy and lower allowances for mechanical treatment."

Mr. Tadeusz Jurga, Co-owner & Vice Chairman