Productivity by design: how digital dashboards have changed what’s possible at MAT Foundry Group

When global business MAT Foundry Group agreed to pilot a new IIoT solution which promised to drive productivity by connecting, monitoring and analysing foundry-wide data sources for actionable insights, they expected change. What they didn’t expect was how simple the process would be, or the potential it would unlock.

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Bringing real-world AI application to green sand foundries

Norican’s new partnership with Artificial Intelligence leader DataProphet accelerates AI adoption – and DISA’s customers are the first to benefit

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Casting light on aluminium matters

Global consumption of aluminium is predicted to rise to 120 million tonnes by 2025 - 25% of which is being driven by developments in light-weighting and e-mobility within the automotive sector. As such, aluminium is currently central to many quality, profitability and sustainability discussions and decisions affecting Norican foundry customers worldwide.

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DISA - Casting and Moulding Equipment

DISA develops and manufactures a complete range of metal casting and moulding equipment, services and production solutions for the ferrous and non-ferrous foundry industries. DISA Group has a  long-standing tradition of innovation, reliability and commitment to providing its customers with end-to-end grey iron foundry equipment - both vertical and horizontal moulding.

DISA has the broadest industry offer to support our customers with their current moulding process through our technical expertise, parts and services and guidance.  We support our customer should they want to make a change from creating casts manually to horizontal moulding or vertical moulding - we have a moulding machine for all requirements.  Our moulding product range comprises vertical (DISAMATIC®), match plate (DISA MATCH) and horizontal (DISA FLEX). For many customers the company provides complete integrated foundry lines which also include complete sand plants, conveyor systems, cooling drums, cleaning solutions and digital software to access your foundry data.

Sakthi SP 21 Portugal

We don’t need a supplier of a machine. We need a supplier who will be in a position to offer us solutions. Norican accepted this challenge, and I was pleased because finally I would be in a position to count on someone clever, bringing really a solution and not just a tiny part of a project, which could be just a simple delivery of a machine.

Which Moulding Machine?

Moulding technology choice generally comes down to size and geometrical complexity of the part being created versus the desired production volume.

  • Vertical moulding technology is predominately suited for high volume, high precision castings. With 1,450 vertical moulding machines installed in the market since the introduction of the DISAMATIC® in 1964, DISA remains the partner of choice for customers throughout the world. This installed base is second to none.

  • DISA MATCH match plate moulding machines are typically the preferred option for foundries desiring more flexibility in their offer. These foundries place an emphasis on quick changeover cycles to serve a broad customer base on a make-to-order basis. They compete on speed to market and the ability to produce a wide range of products.

  • DISA FLEX horizontal moulding machines tend to be the technology of choice for foundries producing lower volume, larger castings. These foundries often produce large, heavy and geometrically complex parts (boiler elements, engine blocks, gear boxes, etc.) on relatively low volume requirements.

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