Automatic Plate Changer (APC)

is a time-saving option for  DISAMATIC lines. This fully automatic plate changer, can change a set of pattern plates in less than one minute!

Currently the Automatic Plate Changer can be fitted to any DISAMATIC D3 and DISA 240-280 so that they can benefit from the pattern change in less than 60 seconds.

Resource control - save time and money

The APC has many benefits including:

  • Up to 16 more moulds per pattern change compared to a manual pattern changer
  • A safe change with no manual intervention 
  • Minimum time loss and maximum flexibility 
  • The latest plate changing technology

Combine with the Automatic Core Feeder (ACF) for faster core set up after pattern change to maximise your productivity

Watch the Automatic Plate Changer in action

The Automatic Plate Changer reduces downtime for a pattern change by up to 66%

There are many ways to upgrade your current moulding machine ensuring you benefit from the latest technological advances.

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See the moulding equipment which the APC can be fitted to