Automatic Filter Setter (AFS)

is a PLC controlled robot that inserts filters directly into the uncored moulds, removing the highly repetitive task of setting filters manually and doesn't slow down the machine cycle time.

The Automatic Filter Setting can be retrofitted to all DISAMATIC D3.

Use the AFS robot to keep production running fast and smooth

Adding the automatic setting of filters for uncored castings has many benefits:

  • Two solutions available: semi-automatic and fully automatic, both versions enable an instant increase in production of 70 moulds per hour for uncored jobs
  • Setting of filters at full speed: up to 555mph
  • Full integration with the DISAMATIC D3 control system
  • A better working environment by removing a highly repetitive job freeing up valuable resource

(compared to using an automatic core setter for filter setting) 

One of the most remarkable ‘side effects’ of using the AFS is that it unlocks foundry resources. In fact, the fully automated version frees up the man-hour equivalent of one full-time employee. This time can be used for other, more value-added tasks around the foundry, leveraging valuable resources to promote innovation and continuous improvement.”

Lars Hjelm, DISA’s Global Product Manager

Running the fully automatic filter solution will free up 1 operator and increase productivity by up to 15%

Watch this short video to see the AFS in action

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