Monitizer® | GLOBAL

It’s just the beginning

With the Monitizer® | CIM, we have developed a solid foundation for your data journey. 

Extending on this platform, we now offer the Monitizer® | GLOBAL solution powered by Norican Group. It allows you to access your data wherever and whenever needed.

Monitizer® | GLOBAL provides you with a powerful, easy to use tool which unlocks the power of IIoT by enabling you to collect and compare complete foundry data - including data from legacy software systems - between different equipment and/or sites. 

You can monitor KPIs over time, receive notifications when under or overrunning set limits, or intervene before unplanned stoppages and defects occur.

Investing in digital technology

At Norican Group, we are committed to supporting your digital journey, and maximizing the value of your data every step of the way to keep you competitive and profitable. 

At the heart of our digital developments is a deep knowledge and understanding of the foundry process. Unmatched knowledge that comes from decades of innovation and foundry insight. 

Monitizer builds on this foundation, allowing you and your foundry to take a big leap forward right now. And with more innovation on the way, we will keep empowering you to turn your data into value well into the future. 

Monitizer® │GLOBAL - low invest, high return

1. Collecting 

Collecting icon 

  • Our ‘NoriGate’ hardware collects, timestamps and encrypts data from any machine it is connected to before sending it to the cloud.
  • Centralizing and storing all data in the cloud enhances data accessibility.
  • Define user access with user management.
  • Easy export of data via RESTful API

2. Processing

Processing icon

  • Mathematic calculations can be applied to any data to generate new meaningful data.
  • Specific KPIs can be calculated and stored as new data.

3. Visualizing

Visualizing icon  

  • Quick and easy-to-read real-time and historical data access.
  • Simply create personal customized dashboards.
  • Design your own widgets.
  • Monitor and supervise process data and machine status.

4. Notifying

 Notifying icon

  • Define thresholds and receive notifications when exceeding or falling.
  • Monitor and supervise data automatically.
  • Notification via email or Slack (mobile app).
  • Alert only defined staff.

Productivity by design: how digital dashboards have changed what’s possible at MAT Foundry Group

When global business MAT Foundry Group agreed to pilot a new IIoT solution which promised to drive productivity by connecting, monitoring and analysing foundry-wide data sources for actionable insights, they expected change. What they didn’t expect was how simple the process would be, or the potential it would unlock.

Find out how simple it was

In just a few months Monitizer®│GLOBAL – a powerful pairing of DISA’s Monitizer® │CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) and NoriGate hardware – has transformed the way teams at MAT’s EURAC Poole (UK) site communicate, operate and eliminate risks to efficient production. What’s more, “thanks to how easily we’ve been able to customize the solution to our needs”, explained Steve Merritt, General Manager at EURAC Poole, “we’ve really started to change our definition of what’s possible when it comes to improving productivity”.

Steve Merritt, General Manager at EURAC Poole