Perfect for jobbing foundries requiring quick plate changes

The DISA MATCH is the most rigid and accurately-controlled green-sand matchplate system available.  With rapid, precise pattern changes and an easy-to-use operator interface, the DISA MATCH enables jobbing foundries to achieve the lowest cost per casting – even for short runs.

  • The DISA MATCH 14/19, 16/20 and 20/24 machine can reach speeds of up to 180 uncored moulds per hour.
  • It delivers a maximum machine-related mismatch of only 0.2mm (0.25 for the two larger mould-size versions). 
  • Maintenance-friendly design, including easy access to the moulding area, reliable service support and wrap-around preventive maintenance ensure your DISA MATCH moulding line is up and running when you need it.

“We were able to improve yield on most patterns between 3 to 5 pounds with the DISA MATCH due to the ability to reduce the cope mold height, this was not possible on our previously machine”

Mike Baures, Plant Manager, Excal Inc. USA


Key Benefits

Up to 180 uncored moulds /hour

With machine-related mismatch of max 0.2 mm for minimal finishing costs

Rapid, precise pattern changes

Unbeatable uptime and mould quality

A range that covers your matchplate needs

DISA MATCH 14/19: perfect for jobbing foundries that specialize in short to medium runs.
DISA MATCH 16/20: perfect for jobbing foundries that specialize in short to medium runs.
DISA MATCH 20/24: perfect for jobbing foundries looking to transform casting quality and production efficiency. Its matchplate adaptor makes it easy to upgrade from competitor machines.
DISA MATCH 24/28: highly flexible matchplate casting production for a wide range of applications.
DISA MATCH 28/32: reduce the need for human intervention and step up production of larger, more complex castings
DISA MATCH 32/32: the flagship model’s large mould size is perfect for a broad range of automotive and other applications that require bigger moulds.

Supports that pays

DISA offers worldwide support of the DISA MATCH 14/19, 16/20, 20/24, 24/28, 28/32, 32/32 to help maximise foundry performance at all times, thanks to:

  • fast delivery of original spare parts
  • on-site technical support from offices close to you
  • 24-hour support hotline
  • DISA TOPS, DISA's exclusive customer inspection, service and maintenance programme application and training experts on demand


“Shocking improvements in casting surface finish with the DISA MATCH. On a specific pattern, we would scrap 15-20 molds out of 100 molds produced. Now with the DISA MATCH we scrapped 0 molds of out 100 mold produced”.

Mike Baures, Plant Manager Excal Inc. USA

Minimum maintenance

DISA MATCH’s robust and simple design uses minimum moving parts, that means less maintenance and unbeatable uptime. Service-friendly access and clever features further reduce maintenance time and cost.  Features include:

  • easy-to-change cope and drag wear plates
  • automatic lubrication system
  • external hydraulic power unit (14/19, 16/20, 20/24 and 24/28)
  • patented easy-to-exchange chamber wear plates

Every DISA MATCH is delivered fully tested and installation-ready for fast commissioning. In operation, you can rely on the industry’s best aftermarket parts and service network.


With clever features, it's a match you can count on

Quality moulds, lower costs

The DISA MATCH’s rigid design and smooth operation produces premium-quality moulds with

  • maximum machine-related mismatch of between 0.2 and 0.25mm (depending on mould size)
  • DISA in-chamber parting spray system to prevent sand sticking to the pattern plate
  • patented sand slot design for optimum mould quality

These features mean DISA MATCH delivers consistently higher casting quality with less need for machining – keeping finishing costs to a minimum.

Deep pockets, perfectly filled

The sand blow system deployed in the DISA MATCH is based on 50 years of experience. It ensures effective sand filling, even of deep-pocket moulds, with no need for ram-up blocks and is easy to clean.

Fully adjustable stripping height and acceleration protect mould integrity and optimise the cycle time, while the adaptable mould height system ensures a constant sand-metal ratio.

Easy conversion from manual to automatic

Simple adaptors let you reuse existing jolt squeeze pattern plates or other matchplate patterns in the DISA MATCH machine with only few modifications.*

That makes upgrading from jolt squeeze or other matchplate technologies to DISA MATCH quick and painless. Our experts are ready to help you apply this proven solution.

* Subject to evaluation as some patterns may not be suitable for conversion.

Options that make a difference

Perfect for your process

For maximum output every match machine model combines high speed, fast pattern changes and consistent mould quality with low mismatch.  Fully integrated PLC and hydraulic systems regulate every movement.

Sophisticated adaptive mould thickness control comes as standard, ensuring consistent mould thickness even when sand properties change. Added to the super-rigid machine frames and guide rods, this produces very high casting accuracy and repeatability.  Additional features include:

  • fixed cope for flexible mould changes and extra-precise stripping
  • enhanced pattern carrier design (28/32 and 32/32) 

Flexible, clean operation…

DISA MATCH offers fast and simple pattern changes with completely flexible, easily-adjusted Down Sprue positions. 

Operators have increased workspace, with a cleaner and quieter working environment.  Additional benefits include:

  • in-chamber pattern spray reduces parting fluid usage and airborne parting fluid
  • light curtain for easy and safe operation
  • large colour VDU for user-friendly operation and trouble shooting 

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