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DISA as a complete foundry partner ensures a seamless, efficient process while maintaining high-quality standard. Choosing a complete solution for your foundry ensures cost savings, streamlined processes, time efficiency, and a single point of responsibility— a smart choice for businesses seeking hassle-free project execution.

Turnkey Transformation

  • Transform Your Space

Whether it’s an empty field or an existing building, DISA empowers you to create a cutting-edge, modern foundry. We handle everything from concept to completion.

  • 360-Degree Insight

Our journey begins by deeply understanding your foundry, processes, and objectives. Drawing on our extensive industry experience, we collaborate closely with you to create a comprehensive view of your world.


Tailored Solutions and Support

  • Holistic Partnership

DISA’s overarching goal is to provide holistic support for your foundry. We align visions, advise on optimal paths, and tailor solutions specifically for your complete foundry.

  • End-to-End Guidance

As partners, we embark on a complete foundry project. From pre-planning to execution, commissioning supervision, and training, we guide you through every step.


Cutting-Edge Technology and Efficiency

  • State-of-the-Art Foundry

Choose DISA, and gain access to sustainable, future-oriented molding solutions. Our commitment ensures unparalleled casting production while minimizing costs per part.

  • Forward-Thinking Processes

We introduce innovative techniques, laying the groundwork for continuous progress and growth.

Set-up of a Complete Foundry


complete foundry disa mixer

The standard procedure for setting up an entire foundry includes the following components

  • Pre-project planning of your scope
  • Implementation of equipment
  • Technical advice, training and operation
  • Production start-up, test and hand-over
  • After Sales Service, ongoing support and advice on optimization

Every project is customized to perfectly meet your specific requirements. Contact us and get an offer on how we can help you establish a complete foundry.

DISA’s extensive market knowledge and years of technical expertise position us as your perfect partner for complete foundry solutions.

Remember, as the owner of a DISA installation, you will always be considered part of our large family.

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