DISA is Shaping the Infrastructure Industry

DISA is Shaping the Infrastructure Industry

As a complete supplier for the foundry industry, DISA is shaping the industry with solutions that lower your cost per casting when producing infrastructure castings such as:

  • boxes, brake shoes, fittings, grates, insulator caps, pipes, pipe brackets, plates, pumps, railway shoulders and valves.

We decided to trust DISA as our single supplier of a new foundry due to their capabilities to master complete solutions. As a result, we now have an efficient and reliable production facility based on the DISA FLEX 70 flaskline. The DISA FLEX and sand plant equipment offer the best technology for producing our castings in the right quality.

N. Purushottama, General Manager, Aquasub Foundry, India - Equipment: DISA FLEX 70

A Selection of Castings made on DISA Moulding Equipment