Machinery and Engineering castings

DISA's equipment is designed to be safe, clean and lean for the sustainable and environmentally responsible production of quality castings such as:

  • brackets, fly wheels,
  • frames, gears, gear housings,,
  • grinding media, hydraulic blocks,
  • impellers, motor covers,
  • pulleys, pumps,
  • stator housings and valves

We chose the DISA MATCH 130 because of its quality and productivity benefits, streamlining of metal and core handling and improvements to our working environment. On top of that, DISA is a global leader who is always close at hand whenever we need service, maintenance or foundry technology support.

Dr. Ing. P.N. Bhagwati, Ph.D., Chairman & Managing Director, Bhagwati Spehrocast Private Limited, India Equipment: DISA MATCH 130

A selection of machinery and engineering castings made on DISA Moulding Equipment